A host of safe and easy ways to pay your AIA Insurance premiums.

27th November 2021: In these uncertain times, AIA Insurance understands that the last thing you want to do is to visit a branch, bank or any outdoor venue to pay insurance premiums. We also understand the importance of making it convenient for you to pay your insurance premiums to enjoy uninterrupted protection for you and your family. That is why AIA is providing a wide range of safe and easy options for customers to pay insurance premiums, without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of their homes.

The all-new AIA Customer Portal is one of the most convenient methods for customers to access and manage their AIA policies, anytime, anywhere. This one stop digital solution enables AIA’s customers to have full online access to their insurance policy, payment details, claims information and much more. It is a highly secure platform that uses the latest technology, designed to work seamlessly with mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. It is also tri-lingual and allows customers pay premiums, check policy status, access policy details and initiate service requests without ever having to step out of their homes! You can register for the AIA Customer Portal by visiting the AIA website < <www.aialife.com.lk > and clicking on ‘AIA Customer Portal’ found under ‘My AIA’ tab.

An industry disruptor, AIA Quick Pay, is a comprehensive digital payment mechanism which is the first of its kind in the life insurance industry and allows customers to pay for new policies and set up recurring payment plans or Standing Orders. With over LKR1.5 Billion worth of transactions and premium collections performed in just 2 years since launch, AIA’s Quick Pay is another way in which AIA’s customers’ can make their lives easier and stay protected.

AIA introduced this facility in September 2019 much before the pandemic and it was done so our customers can make premium payments with ease at all times.  Now, given the customers preference of using digital payments and paying from their mobile phones, this platform has become all the more relevant and useful to AIA’s customers.

AIA customers can also pay due premiums and any arrears via popular mobile solutions/digital wallets such as mCash, Dialog eZ cash and FriMi, not to forget through online banking using a Debit or Credit Card. Online banking payments can be made via Commercial Bank, HSBC, National Development Bank, Hatton National Bank, Sampath Bank, Bank Of Ceylon, National Savings Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Nations Trust Bank. Customers can also pay via Commercial Bank’s Q+ app, NDB Neo or HNB SOLO, if they are customers of those respective banks.

So, if you are an AIA Customer, you have a plethora of ways to pay premiums and enjoy uninterrupted protection. Make sure to stay safe and take all necessary precautions, without compromising the safety of yourself and your family. If you haven’t considered an AIA policy for your health insurance, pension savings or financial security, now would be a good time to look into getting one from the Best Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka (awarded by the Global Banking and Finance Review 2019, 2020). Call AIA on 0112 310310 for more inquiries.


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