AIA Health Passport – offering all Sri Lankans access to the best healthcare both locally and globally

19th September 2023: AIA Health Passport is an industry leading and trendsetting health insurance cover that can be obtained with a life insurance policy. This is a pure health protection cover that has been designed to give all Sri Lankans access to the best healthcare worldwide. AIA Health Passport was introduced at a glamourous event hosted at the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, which was attended by AIA’s Executive Committee and more than 400 of AIA’s top tier agents.

AIA Health Passport is a Comprehensive health insurance cover that enables you and your loved ones to access the best healthcare both locally and globally. You have the option of covering yours and your loved ones’ hospital expenses up to LKR 50 million through cashless hospitalisation or reimbursement. This cover  provides you with a variety of health insurance benefits ranging from the maternity cover, coverage for pre and post hospitalisation expenses, 136 day-care surgeries, self-pay option, ambulance coverage, coverage for your entire family including your parents, no-claim privilege, reinstatement benefit, organ donor coverage, hospital admission charges, prosthesis & implant coverage, dental treatment coverage, ayurvedic treatment coverage and wellness coverage.

While nobody plans to fall sick, we never know when illness could strike, and it is important to be financially prepared to afford the best medical care in the event we need it. As such, with access to the best healthcare we can continue to forge ahead our lives and pursue our dreams uninterrupted. However, with the rising health expenses in Sri Lanka, the affordability of the best healthcare has become a real concern. Therefore, it is advisable to be financially prepared for health emergencies since in the current context relying solely on personal income or your corporate health cover may not be sufficient. Now with the AIA Health Passport you have the ideal safety net to face unforeseen health concerns while ensuring access to the best healthcare without having to face a significant financial burden.

Surpassing just hospitalisation and medical benefits, AIA provides additional Health and Wellness benefits that gives you a great proposition beyond health insurance. This will help make your life easy as you pursue healthier, longer, better living. Having partnered some of Sri Lanka’s most reputed health and wellness partners including Doc990, Flash Health, My Dentist, Vida Medical Clinic, Unilever Pureit, Vision Care and Teardrop hotels, AIA is the only insurer in Sri Lanka to offer customers such attractive offers and discounts to help them stay active, healthy and happy. With this extensive variety of health and wellness benefits you have the convenience of consulting doctors online anytime and anywhere along with free medicine delivery and mobile lab facility at your doorstep. It extends to attractive discounts for dental treatments, premier holistic medical care including discounts on spectacles, purified water filters and hotel chains.    

With an unmatched coverage and an unparalleled eco-system of wellness solutions, the AIA Health Passport is your passport to a healthier, longer, better life. Call AIA on 0112 310 310 for more details.


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