While Sri Lanka is working on reviving the tourism sector, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is now a certified “Safe and Secure Level 1 Hotel”. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is your urban hideaway amidst an elite neighborhood in Colombo. The cosmopolitan vibes have been seamlessly blended into a tranquil, private ambience that sets the pace for a memorable experience at this exclusive boutique hotel in the city.

The Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has been audited by Ernest & Young, an independent auditing firm, and has met the requirements of the COVID-19 health protocols. We at Colombo Court Hotel and Spa make sure to follow all health and safety guidelines stringently and make sure to keep our services available at the highest standards.

As a level one hotel all public areas in the hotel will be restricted and will be accessible only by in-house guests to ensure the safety of everyone. Apart from this guests will not be subjected to a restrictive quarantine period but there will be a minimum stay requirement. All facilities (Cloud Café, Amber Poolside, Gym, Pool and Jacuzzi) will be available during their stay apart from the Amber Spa; In addition, guests will be permitted to access the business center and the library.

In addition to tourists visiting via the Tourism route, the Colombo Court Hotel & Spa will welcome Dual Citizens, Spouses under foreign nationals and paid commercial passengers with foreign passports and Sri Lankan passport holders with a permanent residence visa travelling together with their immediate family holding foreign passports.

As we are ready to welcome guests at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we firmly believe in the safety and well being of the staff and guests. It is of paramount importance and the team assures you that, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is closely monitoring and stringently following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health, WHO and other reputed global organizations to prevent and protect against the spread of Covid-19.

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