Since 2004, Country Life has been infusing its distinct style across homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial spaces. Today Country Life offers its valued and loyal patrons a range of lifestyle décor solutions that are sure to spread joy, love and light.

Country Life products are designed with a contemporary outlook that evokes a sense of rustic beauty and a lovely ambience.

In this regard, the new Country Life outlet located in Ethul Kotte is a haven of ideas that is sure to give customers a style statement for any space.

From elegant and tasteful wooden or wrought-iron, indoor or outdoor furniture, to a handpicked selection of curios and more, at Country Life, customers are spoilt for choice.

For your very own Garden of Eden, Country Life presents an assortment of splendid cement ware ranging from fountains, birdbaths, ornamental cement pots and bowls, to wall decorations, statues, pedestals, idols and more.

To give a further sense of peace and relaxation, choose from a unique collection of benches (made from old exterior trim parts), wrought iron grills, gates and other related items. Each individual item has been designed to provide superior aesthetic appeal.

Don’t miss out on Country Life’s exclusive upcycled wooden furniture items such as garden trellis or coffee tables made of old window frames, drawers, bookshelves, chests and furniture sets, crafted from dashing antique doors, to mention a few.

Country Life also boasts a variety of wrought-iron tables with glasswork, mirrors, wall décor, light fittings and candle stands, all set to impress and add character. To mesmerize and behold the senses, customers can also select from a wonderful line up of aromatic candles, incense sticks, oils and accessories; for spiritual upliftment and energy.

Country Life also works hand-in-hand with local artisans and craftsmen providing a range of temple art paintings and wooden carvings depicting the history of Sri Lanka.

As a furniture specialist, especially for the living, dining or bed room, Country Life will happily undertake to create any custom made furniture or accent piece that is sure to provide a lifetime of faithful use.

Providing even more direction and inspiration, Country Life also stocks framed vintage Ceylon photographs and true-to-taste antique reproductions as well.

Country Life offers its design and creative vision in helping to create or upgrade any space, from the formal or casual to the social with an artistic blend of both traditional and modern influences.

Country Life’s designers specialize in providing total interior design solutions, following a distinctive style philosophy when conceptualizing as per the customers’ preferences and all to budget as well.

Country Life offers its customers a unique shopping experience and to create an even a better environment Country Life will soon be opening its new shopping outlet with various enhancements in the same premises with an array of new accents to illuminate your home.

For flashes of bold delight, contemporary chic, joyful colour or minimal eclectic taste, head to Country Life where a journey to an oasis of bliss is always taken in the right direction…

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