Newly Opened, Dream Cliff Mountain Resort is a family-owned boutique hotel located amidst the lush hills of Haputale in Sri Lanka’s Uva Province. Snuggled away in the cool climes of Beragala, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges, and is designed specifically to showcase the essence and tranquility of nature, making it pure heaven on earth.

The resort is built in the memory of Adam and Eve (peace be upon them). In both religious and cultural beliefs, it is widely held that they had their first steps on Earth on the mountain that is known today as Adam’s peak (not too far away from the resort) after they were exiled from the Garden of Eden.

With ample parking facilities and 24-hour check-in and front desk operations, Dream Cliff is fully geared to offer visitors a remarkably superior experience from the very first point of direct contact. A unique infinity ‘Tsunami’ swimming pool, free high speed WiFi connectivity and a well-stocked bar make up some of the other attractions available onsite.

With the safety of its guests being paramount, the property is equipped with 24-hour security to provide peace of mind while relaxing and taking in the serenity of the environment.

Accommodation at Dream Cliff consists of twelve standalone circular cabanas, each featuring a magnificent, panoramic view of the valleys and hills that can be enjoyed from a private balcony. Each cabana, referred to as a ‘beehive,’ is built out of rubble granite stones with a dome shaped roof, glass tempered doors and has large sitting balconies to enjoy the view.

Taking centre stage is a King Size bed with a four season premium spring mattress and gel pillows that are ensconced in premium soft cotton linen. It is also equipped with a minibar and safety locker while housekeeping and room service facilities too are available, thus facilitating both convenience and privacy.

Each beehive has an en-suite washroom with a rustic interior, featuring a classic copper wash basin and taps, walk in rain showers and a pebble floor. Lemongrass bath amenities in handmade pottery dispensers complement this design style of natural yet elegant.

Dining consists of flavorful, aromatic Sri Lankan cuisine, together with an eclectic choice of European dishes and are served at two signature restaurants which offer spectacular views of the mountain ranges.

The Honey Comb Restaurant is perched atop the hill and is situated in the very center of a gap in the mountain range and features an ethnic rustic interior. It serves both local and European cuisine and is open for all three meals.

The Sky Deck occupies the upper floor of the property, allowing diners to eat amongst the clouds and boasts a 360-degree view of up to five districts in Sri Lanka. The restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner, which could even include a BBQ. Steaming hot cups of authentic Ceylon Tea are available at any time of the day.

Apart from unwinding and enjoying the tranquility and bliss of the location, adventurous visitors can explore the surrounding tea plantations or hike/mountain bike across the hills that feature a treasure trove of hidden waterfalls, ancient temples and other relics from the hill country’s rich history to discover. The brave hearted can choose to experience hiking up Diyaluma waterfall or Bambarkanda waterfall and traverse the hills aerially.

Dream Cliff has been conceptualized and built for guests to experience the best this world can offer, reset their lives and start living life the way it should be. All it takes, is to set aside time to visit this one-of-a-kind paradise and live it yourself.

Dream Cliff Mountain Resort

  • Kirawanagama Road, Lower Blackwood, Nikapotha – Haputale, UVA Province, Sri Lanka.
  • [email protected]
  • www.dreamcliffresort.com/

Near by Places:

  • Galapita Gala – 13.6 Km – (30 Min)
  • Galapitayaya Estate Waterfall – 13.7 Km – (27 Min)
  • Bambarakanda Fall – 15.7 Km – (39  Min)
  • Wangedigala  – 14.9 Km – (34 Min)
  • Lanka Ella – 19 Km – (58 Min)
  • Adisham Bungalow – 19.2 Km – (45 Min)
  • Idalgashinna  – 22.4 Km – (52 Min)
  • Diyaluma Waterfall – 22.5 Km – (47 Min)
  • Devils Stairecase – 22.6 Km – (1 Hr 17 Min)
  • Upper Diyaluma – 22.6 Km – (50 Min)
  • Lipton Seat – 24.7 Km – (1 Hr 13 Min)
  • Dowa Rajamaha Viharaya – 26 Km – (55 Min)
  • Pahanthudawa – 28.1 Km – (48 Min)
  • Nonpareil Estate Fall – 31.3 Km – (55 Min)
  • Bakers Bend – 37.2 Km – (1 Hr 21 Min)
  • Horton Plains – 44.2 Km – (1 Hr 44 Min)

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