Established in 2011, it is the vision of East Star Handlooms to not only present an elegant, fashionable and stylish collection of truly Sri Lankan and 100% handloom  fashions and accessories, it also hopes to empower rural communities especially women by providing a reliable source of income for their unique skills.

Handloom weaving by hand is an age-old tradition passed down from generation to generation. Normal cotton yarn is first bleached and dyed across a variety of vivid and bright colours with boiling water, in large vats. The dyed yarn is then taken to be spun on a turning wheel where it is wound onto a cone. Each cone is then placed upon a large roller and the yarn undergoes a rolling process.

It is now the turn of the master weavers who synchronize their feet and hands to manually, and very patiently weave beautiful designs and patterns in a range of stunning colours. East Star Handloom’s dedicated weaving mill is located in the community of Kalmunai, along the East Coast of the island.

For ladies, East Star Handlooms presents a colourful, vibrant and eye-catching choice of shalwars, beach wraps, shawls, Elenna branded tops and of course sarees.

East Star Handlooms is a saree specialist, with selections across cotton, cotton and silk, batik and exclusive pure silk sarees as well. There are millions of colours and designs to choose from.

From the perfect saree for the wedding of your dreams, to a wide assortment of items for the corporate arena or any of life’s special occasions, at East Star Handlooms, ladies will be very satisfied by the colours, sizes, designs, look and feel of all the very special and exclusive sarees.

For gents, East Star Handlooms stocks a cool and casual range of Sapta branded shirts and sarongs suitable for formal moments as well. All of the patterns, designs and colour sets are the work of the East Star Handlooms Design Team that is always on the lookout for the latest trends and fashion statements.

To complete your look, East Star Handlooms also retails handloom, colour-filled slippers, cute bags and also chunky necklaces that are bold and beautiful. 

Also on offer are cute soft toys, tablecloths and handloom fabrics in a choice of designs and patterns as per the customer’s requirement.

East Star Handlooms also undertakes corporate uniforms and for any occasion where high-quality and durable handloom weaving is required.

East Star Handlooms ensures quality control at all the many stages of the production process from the initial dyeing of the yarn to the final painstaking weaving done by human hands, backed by time-tested experience, knowledge and skill.

A visit to any East Star Handloom outlet is sure to please and the Sales Team members will happily help customers match the right design with the best fit and accessories to match as well.

Dedicated to presenting to market the best of handloom weaving, East Star Handlooms is proud to fly the Sri Lankan flag as it blends heritage with tradition and the most contemporary of designs. Discover a world of handloom colour and design with East Star Handlooms…

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