The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) recently appointed KPMG-Sri Lanka as the independent professional body to carry out/conduct assessments of SLTDA registered tourism service providers who are willing to undergo the audit process to obtain the ‘Safe & Secure’ certification.

Under the first phase SLTDA will roll out this compliance process to enhance cleanliness and hygiene practices for tourism-related entities and individuals, covering service providers as well as activities and attractions.

The implementation of ‘Safe and Secure’ guideline execution, assessment and certification process will now be open to all SLTDA registered entities such as accommodation providers and travel agents.

Tourism establishments that pass the compliance assessment will be given a ‘Safe and Secure’ certificate and decals to display on their premises as a ‘trust mark’ of assurance to tourists.

All tourists will be required to stay in COVID-19 health and safety compliant accommodation, be it a five-star hotel, resort, or home-stays, and have their tours arranged by certified travel agents. The Government decided to introduce a COVID-19 safety standard compliance certification for all SLTDA registered entities, in a move to reassure tourists considering Sri Lanka for their next holiday. 

Sub-categories that can apply for this certification include tourist hotels, boutique hotels, villas and deluxe bungalows, guest houses, restaurants, tourist eating places and shops, travel agencies, tourist guides and drivers, attractions and activity locations.

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